Which dogs can attend Doggie Day Care?

Friendly and well socialized pets of all breeds, sizes, and ages are welcome to attend!  We require ALL dogs attending our facility for any reason (training, boarding, day care) to be current on all vaccinations and have their current shot records on file.  All pets must be free of any internal and external parasites, be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age, and for those attending day care, satisfactorily complete a Temperament Assessment. 

What is the Temperament Assessment?

Upon enrollment, every dog will receive a temperament assessment.  The temperament assessment is multi-phased and takes several hours to complete.  Phase I is the very detailed day care application, which will help us to learn a little about your dogs day to day life style and history.  We also conduct a brief interview with you, as no one knows more about your fur baby than you.  Your dog will be carefully observed as we gently test for food or toy aggressions, and fears or reservations of new people (our trained staff).  We will allow your dog several situational play options to gauge their individual play styles and preferences.  Once we have a little insight as to their personality we will culminate the testing by carefully introducing our known dogs of like personalities, one at a time, and watch as friendships blossom and fun begins!

The temperament testing is crucial to insuring that every dog will have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Occasionally, we will have a dog that is not quite ready for daycare.  They may lack some of the social skills or bite inhibition they will need to successfully participate in daycare.  Oftentimes, these behavioral quirks are a result of lack of socialization or simply inexperience on the dogs part.  And far more often than not, these behaviors can be addressed through training, or behavior modification techniques. 

Because the temperament assessment is very involved, the fee is non-refundable, however, we will gladly apply the cost of the Temperament Assessment to any training, socialization, private lessons, or behavior modifications you might choose to help your furry friend overcome these obstacles.  We will also gladly offer referrals at low cost and free services for training and socialization opportunities within the community.

Are there certain breeds of dogs you do not accept?

NO! As experienced and professional trainers and handlers we know that there is simply no such thing as an "aggressive breed".  Aggressive and dangerous individual dogs, of every breed?  Yes!  Entire breeds, or even breed lines of aggressive animals?  NO!!!  People who believe this are simply uneducated in the nature and behavior of dogs, and oftentimes, victim to the hype and hysteria manufactured by the media.

Downtown Doggie Center does not accept dogs that exhibit ANY signs of aggression, regardless of their breed.  Just as we are happy to accept well balanced and friendly dogs of ALL breeds.

Can I come tour the facility?

YES! We look forward to showing off our facility.  We do ask that you schedule your tour before or after hours.  Your pet, and every other pet gets excited when a new person comes...just like when you have a guest at home.  Imagine that with 15, 20, or 30 dogs, and then calming those dogs again!  Although we want your dog to have an exciting day, we like to keep it positive excitement instead of frantic excitement caused by visitors.  We are happy to oblige your visit, by appointment, during early bird drop off, after 6:00 pm any evening, or over the weekend.

What will my dog eat while boarding?

In order to prevent any dietary upset, we strongly recommend that you bring enough of your pets usual food(s) to last the length of their stay.  If you do not provide food, we will feed your dog the same high quality grain free food we feed our own pets.

What if my pet is injured?

Our staff is fully trained and certified in pet CPR and first aid.  In addition, in case of any injury beyond the normal bumps of playing, or any illness, we would immediately notify you.  In cases of serious illness or injury, your pet will be immediately transported for veterinary care.  We will always err on the side of abundant caution when the health of a pet is at stake.

What if my pet gets fleas?

All dogs who come to Downtown Doggie Center are required to be on a flea preventative medication.  Should we observe fleas on a pet, they will immediately be flea bathed, at the owners expense.  Our facility is sanitized and cleaned daily, and the yards are routinely treated to prevent flea activity.

Do big dogs and small dogs play together?

Many small dogs seem to think that they are giants!  Think it though they may, we know better!  For most of the robust and active games, we separate the dogs into groups of similar size simply for the sake of safety.  The 4 pound tea cup breed could be crushed by a running Labrador, and those are not chances we are willing to take. 

However, some of the most unlikely doggie friendships do develop, and during quiet times, or in very small (2-3) organized play groups, we do sometimes permit best friends of different sizes to enjoy one another's company. 

Do the dogs ever fight?

Of Course!  And if a facility tells you differently, they are lying to you!  Although very rare, doggie arguments do happen. These squabbles almost never get to the point of a full on fight, but there are conflicts among even the best of doggie friends.

Our staff is highly educated in dog body language and communication, and continually watch the play groups and interactions for signs of conflict within the groups.  This careful attention allows us to redirect energy, or even restructure our groups a little to keep everyone happy and having fun. 

Our Rules and Policy
Hours of operation:

Day Care hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 6:30pm. Reservations are recommended.

We do offer early bird service, starting at 6:30, by reservation only.

Drop off Times:

Pets may be dropped off between 7:30am and 9:30am.   Please understand, all dogs must be here by 9:30am.  

Pick Up Time:

All dogs must be picked up by 6:30pm. 

Pick Up Time and Late Policy:

All dogs must be picked up by 6:30pm. 

We value your time, as well as ours, and our late policy is as follows:

Arriving late (after 6:30pm) to pick up your dog will result in a late fee. Fees are as follows:

 $15.00 up to 6:45, per dog

After 6:45, we lock the doors.  Your pet will be well cared for and loved by our nighttime boarding staff, and you will be charged the additional standard rates for overnight boarding.

Holiday Closures

Holidays are when many of our pups are most in need of daycare or boarding as their families are so busy with festivities, visiting family or traveling themselves.  We are proud to be open 365 days a year.  When you need us, we will be there!

Inclement Weather

We NEVER close due to inclement weather.  You can be assured we will always be open.  Our location, on both high ground and the local hurricane evacuation route, makes us the ideal choice to care for your pet during evacuations.  Our building is reinforced concrete, and our staff is trained and certified as FEMA First Responders, for animals.  We will take every precaution to protect your  pet. 

Training classes, grooming and other additional services  may occassionally be cancelled due to inclement weather.  We will always contact you well in advance of any cancellations. 


All dogs must be on a leash, or in a carrier when coming in and leaving from day care.  Although your dog may be very well trained,  our parking lot is not the place  to test those skills. 


All dog must have a quick release collar while at day care. Martingale, limited slip, chain or buckle type collars will not be allowed in the play areas for safety reasons.


While at daycare, your dog may be photographed.  These photographs may be used in marketing materials, our website and displayed throughout our facility or events we may attend.

Doggie Snacks

Dogs love snacks and treats...and we love to give the dogs things they love!  During the day your dog may receive several small healthy treats as reward for training or playing perfectly. However, if your dog requires a special snack, we ask that you bring it in a clear zip-lock type baggie with your pets name clearly labeled on it.  

Authorization for someone other than you to pickup your dog

Only individuals that you have previously authorized will be allowed to pick up your dog from day care.  NO EXCEPTIONS!! This is for the safety of your pet, and we will not bend on this policy.


Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, (this is a combo vaccine also known as DHPP), Rabies and Bordetella.

Puppies must receive a series of vaccines before 5 months of age then yearly until pet becomes an adult.  If your pet has only recently been vaccinated for the first time, a waiting period of 10 days is required.


We pride ourselves on our extremely clean facility.  All dogs who come to daycare need to be free of all external parasite (fleas, ticks etc) We require that your dog is on a flea preventive . If fleas are found on your dog while they are at day care your dog will be flea bathed at your expense.


All payments are required at the time of drop off.  A charge of $35.00 will apply to all returned checks.


All pets over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered to attend Downtown Doggie Center.

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