The Downtown Doggie Center Facility

An ideal open setting on nearly 1/2 acre of open land on the edge of Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Picturesque Southern Oak Trees dot the vast outdoor play areas and we have more than 5,000 square feet of indoor play areas.  Your furry best friend will enjoy playmates specifically chosen for their similar play style, size, and demeanor.  Together, the dogs will forge great bonds and enjoy all sorts of stimulating activities including wading pools, play fountains, plenty of toys, frisbees, balls, digging pits, climbing obstacles, agility equipment, and the all time favorite game among doggie pals, 'catch me if you can'.  Indoors, they will not only have limitless play toys and activities, but also an abundance of soft beds, and even couches under the large skylights, for when our pampered guests decide to stretch out for a nap.  Your pets are given plenty of room to run, romp and enjoy all sorts of doggie adventures and games in a caring environment that is both safe and fun.   All the while being constantly overseen by our attentive staff.

While attending the Downtown Doggie Center, your dog will have the benefit of constant attention and supervision by our knowledgeable, caring and highly trained staff.  Whether sleeping the day away on our soft and cozy beds, digging in the dirt pit, watching TV on the couches or playing fetch and other doggie games outside in our beautiful playground areas with other doggy friends, there is something to match EVERY dogs needs and desires. We have up to eight separate play areas, so we are easily able to separate dogs by size, temperament, age, play style and personality.  This allows us to match your dogs unique and individual personality with dogs of a similar nature so all of their experiences are fun, fulfilling and safe.

Gone will be the days of coming home after a stressful afternoon, just to find something chewed and your dog absolutely bouncing off the walls, desperate to see you and desperate to play, play, play!.  Instead, you will pick up a dog ready to go home and relax contentedly at your side. 
Importance of the Pack

During your dog's regular visits to The Downtown Doggie Center, he or she will forge deep bonds and friendships with the other dogs attending regularly.  They will become a pack, and each member will gain the confidence and sense of belonging that comes with knowing his or her valued position within that pack family.

For dogs that do not attend regularly, it is  like being  a newlywed at your in-laws for the holidays- its very exciting, everyone will be very nice, but you will still be feeling a little like the 'outsider'.  It is much the same for your dog when they only attend now and then. The day care experience is so much more fulfilling for your pet when they attend at least once weekly. Downtown Doggie Center is committed to your dogs well being, and offers substantial discounts for pets attending at least once a week.
A day in the life at Downtown Doggie Center

6:30 to 7:30               Early Bird drop off
                                    Early bird pups get to enjoy the large play yards, and help us say good
                                    morning to all of the overnight guests.
                                   Tours of the facility (by appointment only)

7:30 to 9:30             Regular Drop off

                                    Daycare begins!  Fur-babies are separated into smaller playgroups for
                                    romping and playing.
9:30 to noon               Dogs will continue to play, although groups will move to 2-3 different
                                   themed areas for organized group play.
                                   Any dirty dog fun (Mud holes and digging corner) and any wet dog fun
                                   (wading pools, fountains) take place in the mornings, as do the baths (with
                                   gentle, hypo-allergenic shampoo) that follow dirty and wet dog play time.
                                   New doggie Temperament Assessments are administered.

Noon to 2:00              Snuggle and nap time!  Soft beds, couches and staffers laps.
                                   Doggies requiring a mid-day meal will be fed.

2:00 to 4:30              More play time!!  Afternoon play is usually slightly less spirited.  We
                                   use this calmer time to practice a little agility or basic commands.  Lots
                                   of pups like to gather around the staffer with the doggie brush or stake
                                   a sunny patch of lawn to gnaw on a toy.  As always, plenty of enriching        
                                   toys and activities are available to satisfy each of our guests.

4:30 to 6:30              Evening pick-up
                                   Happy fur-babies give us sloppy good night kisses.

6:30 to 9:30              Training classes, Dog club and Group Meetings, Rescue Group Use
                                   Tours of the facility (By appointment Only)

Grooming appointments, photography and individual training take place throughout the day.        
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