Sleep All-Night, Play All Day!

Ordinarily, the thought of boarding your furry best friend would bring to mind an image of him or her spending long hours in a cramped wire cage with only short potty walks to break the monotony.  Not Anymore!  Downtown Doggie Center wants to paint a whole new image when you think of 'boarding'.  We want you to think of spacious Doggie Suites, themed and stocked with toys, soft bedding, even skylights!  We want you to picture us as the concierges, there to oblige your pets individual needs and make their stay a true doggie dream vacation.  While we wont leave a mint on the pillow, guests are always thrilled to find a filled kong or a natural treat awaiting them in their suite after a full day of play.  We maintain the dogs regular feeding schedule (and recommend bringing your pets regular food), administer any medications as directed, and maintain any training, conditioning or other schedules your pet may be accustomed to at home.

In addition to our individual suites, we also have family suites, that can accommodate 2 or 3 dogs from the same household.  We are proud to be one of the very few facilities that are staffed around the clock.  As such, we are able to offer "Social Boarding" for very friendly dogs.  Social Boarding takes place in our Large Doggie Living Room and the dogs are given many beds, access to the large couches to snuggle up together and dream of tomorrows adventures.  Social Boarding is always supervised, which is a big plus to our guests that seem to sleep best when snuggled up next to a human friend.

Another unique service of Downtown Doggie Center is the "Last Minute Sleepover" option for our regular daycare guests.  When Mom or Dad has something come up, runs late or finds themselves unable to make it in time to pick up their Day Care pup, the lucky pup can simply extend the daytime fun long into the evening at a discounted boarding rate!  The only requirement is that you call at least 30 minutes prior to closing.


Our standards for disinfection and cleanliness far exceed the industry standards, and our entire facility, including your pets suite, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least once a day.  All animal waste, both outdoors and inside, is cleaned and the area sanitized immediately. 

Downtown Doggie Center
loves and supports our Military Heroes!

We are proud to offer our support to the men and women actively serving in uniform.  We, too, are a military family, and understand the many hardships that face our troops when they are deployed or training.  We know firsthand the worry involved with trying to find a loving environment for their furry family member for months at a time.  We are pleased to offer very affordable solutions for their pets during periods of  deployment or training exercises.  With long term Boarding and Play options, our service members can fulfill their duties without any worry about their beloved pets well being, comfort or happiness.

      Reserves Weekend Packages

      Reserves two week Packages

      Long term deployment Packages

      Long and Short term Training Packages  

Because our boarding is not the traditional "caged all day" environment, our troops needn't  stress about their pets happiness.  They can deploy knowing that their pet is playing all day, making wonderful new doggie friends, and getting all of the love, affection and reassurances they could need from our dedicated staff around the clock.  We are also more than happy to send frequent emails, complete with photos, indulge visiting family members, and have even been known to help pets show off new tricks  for their owners via Skype. 
Dont Shop...ADOPT!!!

Downtown Doggie Center supports the tireless efforts of several local rescue groups, including "Triggers Project", and "The Barely Theres", both registered Florida Non-Profit Corporations.  We are proud to offer use of our boarding and daycare facility and all of its amenities to our amazing foster dogs waiting to find forever homes of their very own.  If you haven't met these sweeties, call us!  We would love to introduce you!
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