Enrollment Process

Once your pets completed application is received, we will contact you (by the method you select) to forward our New Application Packet.  This packet contains the Policies, Rules, and necessary Veterinarian Release forms (for vaccination history),  Upon receiving your pets Vaccination verification we will call to schedule your lucky pets first day, which will include their Temperament Evaluation.  And although our application is detailed, the entire enrollment process should take you less than 1/2 an hour.

Our application for participation is long, but by knowing all we can about your pet, we are better able to cater our services to best suit him or her.  We want every dog to have a great stay, and to be eager to return.  Please complete the attached application in as much detail as possible.  And as always, should you ever have concerns or wish to update this information, feel free to call us....your pet, and ALL of his or her needs is OUR BUSINESS!  We look forward to serving our furry guests and their people!

All of the information in your application, released by your Veterinarian, or compiled in your pets file is kept confidential.  None of your personal information or details regarding your pet will ever be shared or sold, for any purpose.


Application for Daycare and Boarding Participation

Owner(s) name?
Your Pets Name?
Please list any one else authorized to pick up your pet?
Home Address?
Cell phone?
Home phone?
Fax number?
Your e-mail?
Place of employment?
Work Phone?
Which method do you prefer we use to contact you?
Please list the ages and breeds of any other pets that live with your dog?
Who is your preferred Veterinarian?
Veterinarian's Phone?
Veterinarian's Address?
Does your pet have any allergies, or physical ailments that we should be aware of?
Emergency Contact:
How did you hear about us?
How old is your pet?
What breed(s) is your pet?
What is your pets birth date?
Is your pet a male or female?
Is your pet spayed or neutered?
When did you get your pet?
Where did you get your pet?
If adopted, do you know any of your pets history?
What is your pets feeding schedule?
What food do you feed your pet?
Do you offer treats? What types?
What types of toys does your dog enjoy?
Has your pet boarded or participated in Daycare before?
How long ago, and where?
How often would you like for your dog to attend day care?
Which class(es)? (Puppy/Beginner, Advanced, CGC, Agility)?
Which command does your dog know?
Would you describe your lifestyle as Sedentary, Moderately Active, or Very Active?
What types of activities do you enjoy with your pet, and how ofter?
Is your pet allowed onto the furniture?
Does your dog sleep with you or another family member?
Does your pet have any sensitivities to sound -thunder, sirens, fireworks, etc?
Is your pet crate trained?
Does your pet tolerate grooming, including their feet and ears being handled?
Does your pet enjoy swimming?
Does your pet enjoy digging?
Has your pet ever jumped a fence?
Does your dog regularly interact with non-family dogs?
If yes, do they play nicely with these other dogs?
Do you know if your pet shares toys?
Is your pet food protective?
Does your pet have a strong preference for either male or female dogs? If so, which sex?
Does your pet dislike certain types (large/small/brindle) of dogs? If so, which types?
How does your pet react to strangers?
Does your pet have a strong preference for men or women? If yes, which sex do they prefer?

Does your pet dislike any 'type' of person (the mailman does NOT count)

Please describe any behavioral issues, quirks or special sensitivities of this pet?
Please describe any disabilities, medical limitations or special concerns?
Tell us what makes your pet so special to you:
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